Healing Trauma: Cool Hacks for Kids, Teens   (their Parents), and Adults Featuring Guest   Speakers: Christin Mullen, LMFT and   Liliana Casas Hernandez, LMFT

*2 Day training

Gain insight into leading edge treatments including integrative approaches to healing trauma. Join us in learning proven, effective, concrete tools to help kids, teens and adults heal from trauma. Expand your trauma skills by learning new hacks that kids, teens and adults welcome in their recovery (including so called “resistant” clients). Strengthen your repertoire of tools for creating safety and rapport with children, teens and adults who have experienced trauma. Participants will:

  • Learn tips and techniques for working with works with immigrant and refugees/ asylum seekers. 
  • Learn evidence based one-time crisis intervention strategies that are effective in healing.
  • Develop creative ways of resourcing kids and teens and helping them connect with their inner strengths. 
  • Experience rich, useful examples for working with kids, teens and their parents.
  • Explore how trauma affects a child during the different developmental stages and how to invite parents to support their child’s recovery. 
  • Deepen your knowledge and capacity to speak about neuroplasticity and the tremendous capacity for healing in terms parents and kids can hear.  
  • Provide a concrete way of working with the child parent dyad to create safety, strengthen the relationship and enhance emotional well being.
  • Recognize impact of Kaiser’s ACEs study and significant health risks associated with unhealed trauma and effective tools to help mitigate risk and promote resilience. 
  • Recognize the therapeutic power of group work in healing, opening, decreasing shame and building resilience.
  • Develop a practice of using hacks for self recovery to decrease compassion fatigue. 
  • Aquire skills for supporting the trauma therapist to resource and decrease compassion fatigue.

*Please note that a portion of the proceeds from your registration will be donated to ATTCH Niagara to support the delivery of free and low cost therapy (www.attchniagara.com). Thank you to our guest speaker for their generosity.  

Meet the Instructor

Featuring Guest Speaker: Liliana Casas Hernandez

Liliana Casas Hernandez, Licensed Marriage family therapist considers it a great honor to be able to serve kids, children, teens and parents. For the past 17 years, she has been providing comprehensive counseling services to children and teens, parents and groups from diverse cultural backgrounds in different settings. This has included all levels of education from preschool to high school, hospital settings, non-profits, outpatient programs and victims of crime. She uses an integrative approach that includes EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. With children, she has used Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) for preschoolers and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT).
Liliana understands that the gift of parenting brings both tremendous joy and challenges. She strives to support parents in exploring and identifying opportunities that invite their children in experiencing the best of who they are. Liliana works collaboratively with parents in understanding their child's strengths and temperament in order to address barriers that are impacting their child's ability to maximize their potential. Liliana believes that learning is continuous throughout life; there is always the possibility of growing and overcoming challenges. Being in a family means collaborating as a team, learning from each other and discovering what each member brings to the family.
Email: LilianaCasasHernandez@bayareacenterforchildren.com


Meet the Instructor

Featuring Guest Speaker: Christin Mullen

Christin is committed to helping children, adolescents, adults, and families to achieve their goals and find healing within a safe environment. Christin approaches her work as a psychotherapist with an awareness of cultural, social, economic, religious, and spiritual differences. It is her goal to assist each client in finding and expressing their greatest potential and strengths as well as working through barriers to expressing their true self, finding peace, happiness, and self-acceptance.
She encourages you to give her feedback as to how therapy is progressing for you so that she may continue to meet your needs. She works with you to determine the best path for therapy to take, including collaborating on goals, deciding how frequently to meet, and when to stop meeting (no one has to be in therapy forever).
She has worked with clients from many backgrounds and identities. As an able-bodied, cis-gender, white, middle-class woman, she is aware that she exists in a culture that privileges her experience over many who are “othered” by society. She works hard at being an ally to all who enter her office, whatever their background. She recognizes that we are currently living in challenging times given the current polarizing political climate. She works hard to see people as everyone deserves to be heard and seen for who they are.

Website: www.christinmullen.com

Christin Mullen, LMFT


Liliana Casas Hernandez