Client Resource Pre-Treatment & Supplementary Resource Program

Thank you for your interest in our counselling services with Lori Gill Psychotherapy. If you are seeking to learn how to simultaneously regulate your brain, mind, and body towards wellness this is a great starting point for you!

We are at an unprecedented time currently where the need for therapy is extremely great. While it is unfortunate the need is so great it is good that people are seeking support. That said this need has also resulted in a significant demand for therapy.

Fortunately LGPP Founder, Lori Gill using her years of experience has created a comprehensive pre and supplementary treatment program offering  foundational psychoeducation and effective skills to utilize while awaiting treatment. Since the pandemic the need for treatment has been at an unprecedented high.

Due to the efficacy of our treatment model we have an exceptionally high demand for services. We want to ensure that people can begin their treatment journey right away, even though there may be a wait to get started with therapy.

Completing this program accelerates healing and offers the ability to focus on the important stuff sooner once treatment begins. In fact our founder views the effectiveness of this program as so important that it is being offered at a drastically reduced price in comparison with session fees.

The fee includes 1 pre-treatment session which should be completed prior to beginning treatment and 7+ supplementary resource sessions which can be completed ongoing throughout therapy to allow you to maximize your healing journey. You will also have access to on demand skills and bonus resources that you can continue to use throughout treatment. Our goal at Lori Gill Psychotherapy is to help heal underlying hurts and help you to build the skills and competencies to help you live as optimally and fully as possible.

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What is different about our centre?

We have been a leading counselling centre for over 10 years, we are a teaching based centre that intensively trains graduate students in our model that is utilized by therapists, hospitals, mental health and addiction centres internationally.

We do not utilize a traditional talk therapy model. While this is familiar for many and CBT can be effective at certain points in treatment we work in an integrative manner focusing on both regulating the body and nervous system as well as the mind and brain. Regardless of your treatment needs we use an integrative approach which layers in somatic therapies to regulate the body and nervous system, expressive arts approaches, cognitive reframing, bilateral stimulation (similar to what is used in EMDR, CRM, EFT etc to promote integration and enhance treatment efficacy), 

We have a newly developed pre-treatment skills building program to help you maximize your time spent in therapy and anticipate this will further reduce the amount of therapy sessions needed while allowing you to gain practical knowledge, skills and tools that you can use right away. 

Although the approaches we utilize generalize to a variety of treatment needs. As we are all human beings who have a brain, body and nervous system we have included foundational information that we typically teach in our first several sessions to provide self-guided awareness and strategies to get you started. Whether you are seeking wellness and stress management support, mental health support, or deeper trauma and attachment healing work all of our therapists are intensively trained to work with a variety of treatment needs and can work with day to day wellness goals and needs in addition to treating the more complex trauma experiences.

Treatment Model & Approach

Because integration and affect dysregulation is considered to be at the core of wellness clients actively engaging in treatment with our centre typically need fewer overall sessions and are in therapy for less time.

We utilize a transitional structure with 5 weekly sessions as the foundation structure transitioning into less frequent sessions as the individual progresses through therapy to allow for gains to be practiced between sessions to increase autonomy and get people out of therapy and living their lives as optimally as possible. 

We also offer professional level pre, mid, ongoing, and post assessment measures to monitor your progress in treatment and to help accurately identifying treatment target areas as we progress through your healing journey together. 

The average number of sessions is 15. Some increases have been observed following the pandemic, that said, this still is a a shorter term treatment model. Where some therapists work with clients for years we use an evidence based model and leading edge treatment approaches designed to create deep and lasting changes within the brain, mind, body and nervous system in shorter periods of time.

Our treatment results demonstrate clinically and statistically significant changes over the course of treatment with marked improvement observed early on in treatment. 

Although in person sessions are available at our treatment centre in St. Catharines Ontario we continue to primarily offer online therapy sessions at this time and have observed and received client feedback that our model is just as effective online.

Wellness and Trauma Integration Counselling Process

Due to the extremely high demand for treatment at this time we, as with most established and professional treatment centres, do have a waitlist for treatment. The pretreatment program and resources are designed to provide some resources and supports as you await treatment. That said our waitlist is still relatively short and if it is manageable for you to wait we trust treatment with us will be worth the wait in the results achieved.

As the demand is so great at this time we also want to ensure we are working with clients who are truly committed and motivated to engage in treatment and as such we are now using a treatment package model with a commitment and prepayment for 5 sessions required in order to be scheduled with a therapist. Should you not require the full 5 sessions any remaining funds will be returned to you. If you require further sessions beyond the 5 sessions, once you are approaching completion of the 5 sessions of further sessions are required your therapist will recommend a suggested treatment package and if fewer than 5 sessions are an viewed to be required they will transition you to an individual session payment plan where you pay for your session in advance of booking one session at a time. 

We truly believe that prioritizing wellness and self care is vital even more so than ever at this time. 
If this sounds agreeable to you, is a fit with your schedule and budget and sounds like a good treatment approach for you please request an intake and assessment package and fill this out to get assigned to a therapist. Once reviewed you will be assigned to a therapist who will reach out as soon as they have space on their caseload (generally within 4-6 weeks). Upon a payment for the pre-treatment package you will also receive weekly skills building sessions for your use as you await treatment. For some this may even give them the skills needed to create a positive shift in their life and lifestyle. For others further sessions will be needed.  

If you have any questions we would be happy to answer these please contact reception@attch.organize or 905-684-9333 to inquire.

Wishing you a gentle rest of your day!

Meet the Instructor

Featuring Lead Trainer: Lori Gill, MACP, RP, CTIC

Lori Gill, Founder and Clinical Director at the Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTCH), Attachment and Trauma Treatment Centre for Healing (ATTCH) Niagara, and Lori Gill Psychotherapy. Lori is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS), Trainer, and Consultant Supervisor for STARR Commonwealth (formerly the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children), a member of the Complex Trauma Treatment Affiliates Program (CTTA), and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) Trauma Division. Lori is a former psychology professor with 18+ years of experience working with children, youth, and adults in various professional settings. Her diverse background has provided her a wealth of skills in the areas of trauma, attachment, mental health, compassion fatigue prevention, addictions, eating disorders, wellness and education.

Lori combines her professional experience with her love for learning resulting in trainings which are a rich culmination of research, evidence-based and best-practice treatment models, and techniques to bring you leading edge, practical, and integrative trainings.

Lori is the creator of the Integrative Trauma and Attachment Treatment Model (ITATM)® Our Integrative Trauma and Attachment Model ® is a layered / integrative model that incorporates multiple modalities and layers to regulate the body, brain and mind simultaneously. It is a rich integrative approach with components of sensory processing, somatics, CBT, resource installation, bilateral stimulation and sensory regulation work to name a few components.

Lori is honoured to have received an Award of Excellence in 2014 for her contributions to the trauma field and to have been named as an expert witness in the areas of trauma, attachment, and reconciliation therapy.

Lori provides consultation and supervision services as well as wellness therapy for helping professionals to prevent compassion fatigue.

Lori is an engaging and sought after presenter and consultant. She provides consultations and facilitates a variety of trainings Internationally helping agencies and professionals become trauma-informed and to deliver trauma-specific treatment. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to set up a customized training for you and your organization
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